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Interdisciplinary TRansportation Analysis and Modeling

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Transportation Analysis and Modeling Research Group at Oregon State University!
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The interdisciplinary team in the iTram group includes faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from Transportation, Economics, Agriculture and Resource Economics, Operations Research, and Statistics. The research conducted by iTram uses a variety of techniques, including optimization, statistics and econometrics, simulation, agent-based methods, artificial intelligence, Geographic Information Systems, and advanced survey techniques. These methods can be applied to analyze systems ranging from a single facility to a large region, and assess the consequences of policies ranging from short-term operations and pricing decisions to long-term investment and ownership choices. In previous research, the iTram research group has studied freeway operations strategies, incidence management policies, advanced traveler information systems, road pricing and distance-based use fees, vehicle ownership choices, freeway capacity expansion, private roads, alternative urban growth scenarios, and multimodal investment criteria.



Current Research Assistants

Lloyd Fobi

Divya Valluri

Research Projects

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ODOT FY08 - Multimodal Investment Criteria and Freight's Importance to the Economy

ODOT/OTREC FY07 - Social Economic Impact of Vehicle Mileage Fees

OTREC FY07 - CoEvolution of Land Use and Transportation

Startup FY07 - Welfare and Financial Impact of Unleashing Private Sector Investment in Transportation Systems

Kiewit FY07 - Profit-Maximing and Socially Optimal Pricing of Advanced Travler Information Services

ODOT FY08 - TripCheck Traveler Information Service Survey and Evaluation

ODOT/OTREC FY08 - Freight Performance Measures: Approach Analysis

ODOT/OTREC FY08 - Identify and Address Institutional Barriers Delaying Incident Clearance

ODOT/OTREC FY08 - Using Archived ITS Data to Measure the Operational Benefits of SWARM

OTREC FY08 - No More Freeways: Urban Land Use-Transportation Dynamics without Freeway Capacity Expansion

Facility Use and Financial Arrangements

The laboratory, its staff, facilities and its data streams are available for research and evaluation projects, training and education functions and consulting on projects of all kinds. Please contact the faculty listed above for further information.

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