Upload Quick Reference

1. Use the "Browse" button above to find the "File to upload" on your local computer.

2. For the "Name attachment as:" field, enter the name you prefer the file to have once it has been uploaded to the site. This can be the same as its filename on your source disk or it can be different, but make sure it has the correct file extension.

3. Press "Upload" to upload the file.

4. To refer to an attachment on this Wiki page from any other page, include this text: Attach:Site/UploadQuickReference/filename.ext in the referring page text.

5. After uploading, you can

6. You can also modify attachments in the list below. You may

  • Click 'Δ' next to an attachment to upload a new version of the file
  • Click 'R' next to an attachment to change the filename of the attachment
  • Click 'X' next to an attachment to delete an attachment or previous version

Note that previous versions of a deleted or updated attachment remain available (but grayed out) until you click the 'X' next to the name. This permanently deletes them from the server (after confirmation). A deleted attachment may be restored by clicking the 'R' next to its name, and choosing a new filename.

If you wish to overwrite the current version of the attachment, first delete the existing attachment, then restore the old version with its original filename.

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