WikiStylesPlus: Simple markup for complex styles

The following markup is supported by the WikiStylesPlus package.

Basic boxes and frames

The frame style places its contents into a box/frame.

This text has been placed into a frame by using the >>frame<< markup. Any markup is allowed inside the frame, which continues until another >>...<< markup is encountered.

Mauris placerat. Duis auctor suscipit neque. Ut semper. Sed gravida. Suspendisse feugiat pharetra magna. Suspendisse congue tellus in eros. Nulla eleifend mollis ligula. Integer bibendum.

The lrindent style indents both the left and right margins. When combined with frame, it produces an indented box:

This box was created using the >>frame lrindent<< markup. Note that the left and right sides are indented.

Ut leo lectus, feugiat in, auctor molestie, posuere ut, leo. Nunc faucibus interdum risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Mauris elementum venenatis elit. Duis pretium convallis quam. In feugiat dui nec nisi. Etiam rhoncus neque non enim.

Sidenotes and Postit notes

This is a sidenote produced using the >>sidenote<< markup.

The sidenote style allows small notes to be floated to the right side
of the page, with any surrounding text wrapped to the left. The default
definition for sidenote is actually a shortcut for frame rfloat.

Postit note

Suspendisse nisl tellus, tincidunt ac, adipiscing in, tincidunt non, urna. Praesent lectus. Nulla ultrices metus in mauris.

The postit style is the same as the sidenote style, except it
appears with a yellowish background. Within sidenote, postit,
and other styles one can use the notetitle style to place a title
within the note.

Standard callouts

The tip, important, and warning styles can be used to produce standard callouts:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullam congue mollis nibh. Phasellus eget orci. Nullam nunc. Quisque consectetuer lacinia lorem. Cras consectetuer urna sit amet nunc. Nunc venenatis malesuada dui. Maecenas ligula dolor, porta quis, nonummy id, egestas quis, felis.

Aenean eu risus vel est placerat molestie. Duis condimentum arcu. Fusce vel dui. Sed interdum tempor elit. In pretium. In justo tellus, porta viverra, luctus vel, pulvinar vel, metus. Vivamus hendrerit nunc non elit. Duis nisi. Vestibulum placerat pharetra magna.

Etiam consectetuer, justo sit amet tincidunt dictum, massa purus laoreet nisl, quis elementum metus nulla non elit. Aenean enim.

Ut ante. Aenean interdum magna ac elit. Integer metus massa, porta in, dapibus a, vulputate in, est. Etiam lobortis. Phasellus nonummy. Phasellus posuere mollis diam.


The rollover style identifies something that is to be invisible until the mouse hovers over it. This is commonly used to create "rollover" effects. For example, move the mouse over the "PmWiki" image below to see the rollover effect.

Rounded boxes

On browsers that support it, the round style produces a box with rounded corners. (Browsers that do not support rounding of corners display the box with square corners.) As with other styles, the round style can also be combined with frame and lrindent:

This text appears in a rounded box.

This text appears in a rounded box with a frame.

And a framed rounded box of a different color.

Text styles

The WikiStylesPlus recipe includes the following text styles:

uppercaseconvert to uppercase%uppercase% Apple pie Apple pie
lowercaseconvert to lowercase%lowercase% Apple pie Apple pie
capitalizeuppercase each word%capitalize% Apple pie Apple pie
small-capsdisplay small caps%small-caps% Apple pie Apple pie
smallersmaller text%smaller% Apple pie Apple pie
largerlarger text%larger% Apple pie Apple pie
underlineunderlined text%underline% Apple pie Apple pie
boldboldface text%bold% Apple pie Apple pie
italicitalic text%italic% Apple pie Apple pie
justifyjustified text%justify% Apple pie(full justification)

Text colors

Here's a full list of color shortcuts after WikiStylesPlus is loaded:

ColorResultRGB value
%black% Black#000000
%white% White#ffffff
%red% Red 
%yellow% Yellow 
%blue% Blue 
%gray% Gray 
%silver% Silver 
%maroon% Maroon 
%green% Green 
%navy% Navy 
%purple% Purple 
%darkgreen% Dark green#006600
%bluegrass% Bluegrass#009999
%teal% Teal#33ffcc
%darkpurple% Dark purple#660066
%periwinkle% Periwinkle#6600cc
%darkgrey% Dark grey#666666
%mistgreen% Mist green#669966
%slategrey% Slate grey#669999
%lightpurple% Light purple#9966cc
%lightgrey% Light gray#999999
%lightblue% Light blue#99ccff
%springgreen% Spring green#99ff33
%magenta% Magenta#cc33cc
%grey% Grey#cccccc
%lightgreen% Light green#ccffcc
%pink% Pink#ff3399
%lightred% Light red#ff6666
%orange% Orange#ff9900
%lightorange% Light orange#ff9966
%gold% Gold#ffbb66

Outline lists

Placing an %outline% wikistyle on a numbered list causes it to be displayed using outline numbering.

  1. Plants
    1. Vegetables
      1. Spinach
      2. Broccoli
    2. Fruit
      1. Apple
        1. Red Delicious
        2. Macintosh
        3. Golden
        4. Green
        5. Washington
      2. Orange
        1. Navel
        2. Valencia
    3. Tubers
  2. Animals
    1. Dogs
    2. Cats


For the images or backgrounds in the callouts to print, you may have to select an option in your print dialog that says something like "Print background".

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