Create a custom side-bar menu

Want a quick way to customize the sidebar menu to your needs? Try this tip:

Create a page named
with contents similar to these:

%sidehead% [[${AuthId}.Main | My Custom Menu         ]]
* [[{$AuthId}/Protocols     | My Protocols           ]]
* [[{$AuthId}/Research      | My Research Stuff      ]]
* [[Papers/Archive          | Archive of Papers      ]]
* [[Chemistry/Chemsketch    | ChemSketch Structures  ]]
%right% [-- [[{$AuthId}.UserSideBar?action=edit | edit this...]] --]

Save the page, and now when you log in, you should see your custom menu at the top of the sidebar. Very handy for quick access to the things you use every day!

Note: The {$AuthId} tag in the above example resolves to the username you gave when you logged in. You can use it anytime you want to reference a page in your own personal space (i.e. Schilkek/TGA-Data), assuming you named the page group after your login name).

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