Shortcuts for common text and graphical conventions

Image shortcuts:

  • To make a 100-pixel "thumbnail" of an image, use the '%thumb%' WikiStyle.
  • Use the following markup for a left-framed image (use rframe for a right-frame), with a caption that wraps to fit under the picture:

A drawing of the skeleton of a rat.
>>lframe width=100px<<
%thumb% [[Attach:ratskeleton.jpg -> Attach:ratskeleton.jpg]] | \
A drawing of the skeleton of a rat.

  • Use the markup '[[<<]]' to force a break around floating elements.

Text shortcuts:

  • Typing '--' will produce an m-dash ('—') character.
'This sentence -- although short -- is complete.' → 'This sentence — although short — is complete.'
  • Typing ''C' will generate the symbol '°C'.
'Incubate overnight at 37'C.' → 'Incubate overnight at 37°C.'.
  • Typing 'uX' following a number will produce 'µX'. As a special case, typing 'umole' or 'umol' will generate the text 'µmole'.
'10 umole/uL' → '10 µmole/ µL'
'50ug/uL' → '50 µg/ µL'.
'add 10 umol/mL Traut's reagent' → 'add 10 µmole/mL Traut's reagent'
'channels are 50um wide' → 'channels are 50 µm wide'
  • Basic chemical formulae are recognized, and numbers automatically subscripted. Any string containing C, H, N, O, or S and numbers is considered a formula.
'propylamine, CH3CH2CH2NH2' → 'propylamine, CH3CH2CH2NH2'.

New shortcuts

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