Ordering Info

Supplies (chemicals, lab equipment, disposables, etc) are usually ordered on-line by members of the lab as needed. Vendors with which OSU has accounts are preferred.

When ordering or setting up a new account, please use the PI's name (Christine Kelly), not your own. This provides continuity of ordering, even if specific people come and go from the lab.

Please see Dr. Kelly for authorization to purchase large-ticket items, and for the account/P.O. # information (do not post it on the Wiki!).

The OSU EH&S Chemical Recycle Program provides free recycled chemicals for approved OSU projects. Many of these are in unopened containers — certainly worth a look before ordering a new one!

The OSU Chemistry Stores is a good source for general reagents, supplies (e.g. forceps, pipette tips, tubing, lab notebooks) and small laboratory equipment, first try ChemStores. They often (but not always!) have better prices than we can get by direct ordering, due to bulk purchasing and incentive plans.

A partial list of vendors from whom we frequently purchase equipment, chemicals and supplies includes:

  • VWR (preferred for equipment and consumables such as gloves, microcentrifuge tubes, etc.)
  • Sigma-Aldrich (good source of general chemicals, organics, microbiological media, etc. Also valuable to look up properties, structures, MSDS)
  • Alfa-Aeasar (another good source for organic chemicals and metals)
  • Fisher Scientific (general chemicals, supplies and lab equipment, etc.)
  • Thermo Scientific (a.k.a. Pierce Biotechnology) has one-stop shopping for protein conjugation and modification, lots of great technical notes

The following offer a variety of specialty items, including equipment, microspheres, unusual chemicals, polymers, etc.

Please see Dr. Kelly for ordering information. Lea Clayton, in the main office, can also help with your accounting/ordering questions.

Search Engines

A helpful Firefox search plug-in for Sigma-Aldrich is available from SearchPlugIns.net. Click the 'I' next to one of the plug-ins (I use the top one - they all look very similar…) Allow the install and check the "use now" box. Voila! Now you have a search shortcut for Sigma!