Administrative and General Information

This is an appropriate place to put information about the Kelly labs.

Please remember that these pages may be viewed by the Internet at large, and do not post sensitive or confidential information. For instance, do not post account numbers used for ordering supplies or passwords for e.g. the chemical inventory.

Important information for Kelly lab members:

  • Be sure you have read and understood the Lab Safety discussion. You are responsible for your own safety and that of everyone else in the lab.
  • We maintain mailing lists for both labs. Get on one when you start working in the lab, and unsubscribe when you are no longer affiliated with the lab.
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires OSU to maintain a current inventory of chemicals we have in the lab. Please notify the Point of Contact if you bring chemicals into the lab, or dispose of chemicals, so that the inventory can be updated.
  • We can order chemicals and supplies from a number of vendors.
  • Keeping a good research notebook is an important (and highly marketable!) skill to develop. Remember that notebooks are the property of the PI's, and must remain in the lab at all times.

Calibration and repair of lab equipment

Lab equipment requiring calibration or repair should be serviced by a contractor with a good relationship with OSU. The following are currently preferred:

  • JJ Calibrations, Inc. calibrates and repairs pipettors. They claim they pick up equipment for calibration every Wednesday. It is probably easiest to call them at 800-644-1819 to arrange pickup.
  • Quality Control Services, Inc. calibrates and repairs balances, spectrophotometers, dO2 sensors, etc. They are used by the Chemistry department and come by regularly.

Travel information

This is the current list of accepted per diem rates for OSU employees.