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9 July 2010

Is there a certain point in musculoskeletal development/atrophy that rehabilitation (physical) therapy to correct improper posture, gait, and other alignment issues will become ineffective?

16 June 2010

Classification of Pluronic(R) coated F108 microspheres as a colloid/suspension. By definition, according to James Tingstad (Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1964, 53, no 8):

"A physically stable suspension is one that can be homogenously redispersed with moderate shaking and easily poured at any time during its shelf life, with neither the particle size distribution, the crystal form, nor the physiological availability of the suspended active ingredient changing appreciably with time."

Do coated microspheres flocculate? That is do the coated microspheres exert forces on one another such that they stay in suspension? How will suspension stabilization change with different Pluronic(R) coatings?

This has close to no application to what's happening with catheter/device coatings since those are obviously not in suspension. This would be more applicable for drug delivery.

17 May 2010

How sensitive is fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP)? A quick google search has led me to believe it is often used in visualizing cellular proteins and diffusion through the bilayer. Wondering if it has been applied to other non-cellular specimens.

Perhaps the FRAP technique can be used/modified for diffusion of nisin through the Pluronic brush layer? Would need an adequately sensitive detection method… TOF-SIMS? (Speaking out of near complete ignorance.)