Chemical Inventory

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Due to the increased (perceived) risk of terrorist attack and drug manufacture in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a list of "Chemicals Of Interest" that could be used in the manufacture of explosives, chemical weapons, or drugs. At the end of 2007, we received the following letter from the Oregon State University Chemical Safety Committee:

A recent publication by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires OSU to provide an inventory of specific chemicals that might be used directly or indirectly in terrorist attacks (Chemicals of Interest; list published November 20, 2007). The OSU Chemical Safety Committee (CSC) met early this week to discuss the potential implications for the University and the main message resulting from the meeting was that a campus-wide inventory of the chemicals on this list needs to be completed …
Although it is a campus goal for all laboratories to have complete chemical inventories updated yearly for the annual Fire Marshal's report, the key goal for compliance with this DHS request is an inventory of the items on this list prior to the deadline. There are 278 chemicals included in this list, but most laboratories will have only a handful of them to enter. Any amount of the chemicals on this list should be included in the inventory. The CSC encourages all laboratories to attend to this important task as soon as possible.

The Chemical Inventory is a centralized database that covers all chemicals in all labs on campus. You will need a password to access the database — see Dr. Kelly for this information.

What this means to you

The Kelly lab completed a complete inventory of their chemical stocks in January, 2008, as required by the OSU Chemical Safety Committee. We are now tasked with keeping the inventory up to date. In order to accomplish this with minimal headaches, each lab has appointed one person as the keeper of the inventory.

Please follow these simple steps to help us keep the inventory up to date and minimize chemical storage:

  • When purchasing chemicals, buy only what you need for a 6-12 month period. While larger sizes may be less expensive on a unit basis, the cost of storage and disposal of larger amounts of chemicals may well outweigh any bulk savings.
  • When your order arrives, give the packing list or invoice to the point of contact (Rat or Kelsey). They will input the new chemicals into the inventory.
  • When you dispose of the chemical (or use it all up), please notify Rat or Kelsey so they can mark it as "disposed of" in the inventory.

While we are not attempting to track amounts used, we are trying to stay current with what we have and don't have in the lab.

Please also remember, when purchasing chemicals from Chem Stores, please get a receipt and give it to the point of contact to enter into the chemical inventory.