Please contact for any questions that aren't answered here.

NOTE: You can only sign up for tools you have had MBI training on. Contact MBI staff if you need training.

Also, a reminder...
You need to have an MBI access badge, have provided a project description form, and are required to log your tool usage hours in the MBI usage tracking system.

How do I login?

Only MBI users can make room and equipment reservations. Be sure to login with your MBI username and password.

Why can't I delete/alter an entry?

In order to delete or alter a entry, you must be logged in as the same person that made the entry. Contact the administrator or the person who initially made the entry to have it deleted or changed.

What happens if multiple people schedule the same resource?

The short answer is: The first person to click on the Submit button wins.
Behind the scenes, the system is using a proper multi-user, multi-threaded relational database than can handle many thousands of simultaneous users.

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